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As a landlord your property is a valuable asset.  By having a thorough inventory for each tenancy you can help to protect your investment.  A professionally compiled independent inventory, together with a thorough check out at the end of the tenancy, will not only help to protect your property but will also assist should any dispute arise.  A surefire way of providing peace of mind to both landlord and tenant knowing that the inventory reports are independent, unbiased and impartial.

All of our clerks are fully trained in line with the AIIC regulations and have a great deal of experience visiting all types of properties every day.  Our inventory reports are logically laid out and are written in layman’s terms, with any photographs taken being included into the document – although it is worth pointing out that the purpose of any photographs is to confirm the written word and not to replace it.

Why an inventory for each tenancy is so important

Figures produced by the DPS show that landlords are at most risk of losing a claim against the held deposit. This is due to a number of factors, one of which is the absence of a detailed inventory.


Awarded to Landlord


Awarded to tenant


Award split

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Written and detailed inventory reports are still better than photographs and video at adjudication.

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