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The use of videos and photographs as evidence themselves in cases of dispute is widely debated.  However, statements by some of the tenancy deposit providers make it clear that evidence in the form of a high quality and professionally produced inventory along with a detailed check out remain vital in providing the adjudicators the facts allowing them to give their judgement.

Videos themselves could appear to be the perfect solution to giving evidence of a properties condition as you can clearly see everything that the video shows, however even the highest quality recording is not able to provide enough detail, especially when you consider that for anyone to understand what exactly is being shown on the video there needs to be a detailed narrative to support the image on screen.

When it comes to a dispute, video evidence also requires a fair bit of patience on the part of the adjudicator as they will need to search through the film simply to get to the relevant point that shows the area of concern, and if there are multiple areas of concern this can result in a lot of time spent scanning backwards and forwards until the correct spot is found.

The use of photographs can also be overstated as these only give a snapshot of the property and provide no context to which they relate.  However when used in conjunction with the written word they are useful tools to provide additional visual description to the text within the report.

All reports provided by Thumbprint Inventories are created using a very simple and accurate method of describing a property, its condition and contents using plain language, and any photographs we take are included directly into the report and clearly identified.

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Our Services

The Check In

We accompany the tenant at the start of the tenancy and together compare the schedule of condition and all items detailed in the inventory report.

The Inventory

A comprehensive and detailed description of the fabric and contents of a property, including a full description of the condition of every part of the property.

The Mid Term Inspection

The Mid Term Inspection is used to ascertain as to how well the property is being cared for during the tenancy and to identify potential problems as early as possible.

The Check Out

This process is to ensure that an accurate end of tenancy comparison is made and is performed by referring to the inventory that was supplied at check in.